What is BFit | BFly?

BF BF is a healthy lifestyle brand specializing in food and wellness. My intention is to create an environment that fosters community and connection through inspiration, motivation, and accountability for our healthy.

How did it start?

My company literally started in my kitchen because of my lil guy, MJ. A fantastic funny kid, who so happens to be on the autism spectrum. He’s my partner in crime – attached at the hip…well, that’s until daddy gets home.

Leaving corporate America to take care of my son and also discovering he had food sensitivities, forced me to quickly set into my new normal as a stay at home mom and adjust the way I prepared meals. I decided to take classes and get trained on whole organic foods (plant-based nutrition and cooking). I’ve always had a love affair with food, but after spending so much time in the kitchen it clicked…creating and developing meals became my refuge…my therapy. I loved it so much, my hubby encouraged me to create a business teaching, inspiring, and educating individuals on how they can “own” their healthy through the power of food.

What will you see on this site?

Food silly! Lots of Plant-based dishes, vegan, and other health inspired foods, along with some wellness and fitness content (don’t worry I will not bore you with weekly articles), as well as, easy healthy living tips to fit into your busy schedule. There’s no fluff here, just you an I supporting each other down this healthy lifestyle path.

Who Am I?

Glad you asked…I’m Tawana Cherie, masters in health services | wellness and nutritional coach | and a health inspired personal chef (trained in plant based cooking and nutrition). More importantly, I’m MJ’s mom and Corey’s wife.

My food and cooking philosophy is: Keep it simple, clean, and fresh. I’m busy so meals must be quick, healthy, easy and delicious.


What do I eat?

Since I am a certified plant-based cook, you can probably guess that I mainly eat a plant-based diet (lots of veggies, whole fruit, whole grains, beans, brown rice, plant base milk, etc.). I do not put myself in a food box (unnecessary pressure), however, I would say my diet is more plant-based strong because I occasionally enjoy organic chicken and wild caught fish. Studies show (and I’ve seen it for myself and my family) that a plant-based or plant-based strong diet yields great health benefits and results. So it is my desire for you to eat in a way that gives you the best energy, benefits, and results for your health goals.

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